Michele Tiberio

I studied photography and design in Italy, in 2010 I moved to London where I attended the Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London studying Innovation Design Engineering. My life has been about experimenting with the real, design and photography have been an instrument to study what was around me and re-elaborate with a different language.

The years in London have been a milestone in my life: I got in touch with people from around the world that were working on the border of science, sociology and art. This was fundamental to understand the importance of art and language to bridge the gap between people and different cultures.

Meanwhile I was in London I have also have been working as independent designer for the Climate-KIC, Unilever and start-ups, for more than 2 years I have been product manager for a robotic company.
In my art practice I focus very much on perception of the reality, I want to express the world I see in a different way and bring this vision to others, in order to unlock the meaning behind what we see and experience everyday; the exchange and confrontation with people is of extreme importance to elaborate my work, during and after the execution.

All the different working experience I had, have been fundamental to shape my vision about the world, indeed I feel that my practice is very much contaminated by material science, engineering, economical and social studies. All these different stimuli are extremely useful to understand the different languages that people uses and understands.

Since September 2014 I live and work in Rome. 

@: michele.tiberio(at)gmail.com

m: +39 3281323081