Michele Tiberio

Michele Tiberio experiments with sculpture and installations concentrating on process and the unexpected result. In his work, the necessity for control is strongly pushed aside to instead leave space for the possibility of chance and the unforeseen. This process involves the artist, the viewer, but most of all the material that are used each time, Tiberio investigates to discover the multiple possibilities of adaptation and coexistence.

This process becomes a metaphor for the life we continuously confront, creating conditions that we must trust and unknown results we must accept.

The artist’s work is strongly pervaded with the unpredictabilities of nature and human behaviour. He divides and analyses them to then ultimately put the pieces back together in a new combination.

Born in Palermo in 1987, Tiberio studied photography and design in Italy and then continued his studies at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London in the United Kingdom. He began his career as user experience designer and engineer in London, these are fields far away from art but that gave him a strong vision on how technology and society influence each other.

In 2014 he decided to leave London and dedicate himself fully to art.

Currently he lives in Palermo, Italy. His latest work “Indivisibile sei dall'ombra, a meno che di notte, a meno che sott’acqua” has been commissione by the Merz Foundation in Turin.

@: michele.tiberio(at)gmail.com

m: +39 3281323081

instagram: tiberiomichele