Me, My Scent is an experiment about identity, all of the artist’s digital life is collected from the web in a more-than-1500- page book, showing his activity on social as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or on his IPhone. Such catalogue shows how what we believe to be an abstract reality, that is the virtual cyberspace of our profiles, is true and interact with the physical world. It is an almost tangible space, where our opinions leave a footprint and it challenges our idea of privacy in our society.

Moreover the book releases a scent. That is a scent created not by the author, but by an algorithm, which calculated what the smell of his digital life should be, creating a personality profile and a mix of essence. What we can smell is, thus, the essence of the artist’s life, as it is calculated by an AI.

The project is a collaboration with Diletta Tonatto

Me , My Scent has been selected with the Re:Humanism Award 2019, and it was part of the of the exhibition Re: Humanism Award curated by Daniela Cotimbo at Album Arte, Roma.

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Me. My scent, 2019-Michele TIberio 2.jpg
Me. My scent, 2019-Michele TIberio.jpg